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1 Payment Plan
1.1 How do payment plans work?

We offer 24 months payment plan with no down payment, no credit check, no interest, no finance charges, and you can wear the jewelry as you're paying for it.

You can pay early with no fines or penalties. 

1.2 How long can I pay for?

Up to 2 years (e.g. Biweekly payments allow for 48 payments, monthly payments allow for 24 payments)

2 How can I earn extra cash?
2.1 Commission Chart

(Subject to change)


Commission Chart:

Merchandise Sale

Direct Sales Commission*

Third Party Commission**
  Same Day 180 Days  
$1 - $100 $18 $6 $6
$101 - $400 $28 $12 $12
$401 - $1000 $48 $18 $18
$1001-2000 $68 $28 $28
$2001 - $3000 $78 $38  $38
$3001 - Plus
$98 $48 $48


  1. The sales associates will be responsible for all their income (federal/state) taxes. They will be issued an IRS form 1099 each year for the commissions.
  2. *The same day commissions is subject to the customer not returning the items
  3. *The 180 day commission is subject to the customer's payments received on time, and is in good standing.
  4. **Third party commission is for the sales made thru the customer referred by the sales associates.
2.2 Are there other ways to earn extra cash?

We do offer different programs other than referring your friends and family. 

Ask us for the Independent Jewelry Consultant and you could add another revenue stream which includes earning an iPad and free diamond jewelry!

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